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The problem of the AC Fan not Spinning is that the capacitor is connected at terminals in reverse and to change the cable may solve the problem

When we connected a fan motor and noticed that its rotation is not normal we wonder why the fan rotates in reverse. this usually happens when we have the need to disconnect the fan from our air conditioner motor.

Cases where it is necessary to disconnect the fan motor:

When we replace by damaging the bearings for replacement, when proceed to disassemble the equipment maintenance (digital) If damage the capacitor If we have the need for any failure check engine in the above cases and some others may then assembling the equipment begins to rotate in reverse the fan motor and is necessary to check the position of the wires in the capacitor.

Things that can happen if the condenser fan motor rotates backwards

increase accuracy high
compressor thermal protection trip
only cool for a short period of time
can damage the compressor (in case of for a long period of onlytime  
can damage the motor coil fan
Something I always recommend to people who do not have the knowledge necessary for the repair of equipment and yet dare to try realize is that not guess where is a cable (a single mistake can damage equipment) before disconnecting take a picture of how this originally so they can reconnect in the same way.

Ideally have it checked, repaired or maintenance performed by a person registered in the area to prevent further damage.


if the condenser fan may be the capacitor, this is what gives the tractive force when this off inertia wind motor alreves rotates when current enters rotates the sense in which this spinning because no force for starting you can change disconnecting the mainstream and aciendo a small diagram, you can find composite capacitor with the compressor or separately ifdo not know better call a technician



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