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AC not blowing cold


Usually when we see that the AC is not blowing cold we tend to think that the problem lies in the gas lack mistakenly thought the gas of an air conditioner must be changed, replace or recharge every X time and this thought is quite wrong because if the installation of air conditioning is well done and has not broken any pipe by friction, vibration, etc., the gas should not be lost may remain inside the machine and installation for years and years running before the estimated duration of a team (about 15 years) than having to recharge the gas.

Now, let's look the possible causes of AC is not blowing cold

Leaking gas

As above said the possibility of gas leakage is one of the possibilities for which the air conditioner window not cooled, but is equally valid for air conditioners split or ducts, gas leakage may be or be in three parts of our air conditioning, refrigerating machine (copper pipes and connections / welds), in the outdoor unit or the indoor unit, the former being the most common for units carrying recently installed and the last two for units carrying longer installed.

If you think your AC Unit  may have a fault or gas leak because the air conditioning not cooling vents or just not cold enough, you probably want read these articles.

Home AC Repair

Dirty filters, one of the big reasons that my air conditioner does not cool or AC not blowing cold

Another problem because the air conditioning does not cool may be because the filters very dirty indoor unit, many people forget to keep a clean filter is crucial not only for the proper functioning of the unit, but also to reduce consumption, not force the machine operation and maintain a cleaner environment since they are responsible for filtering the air of our house.

Dirty filters can make your machine air conditioning did not cool dirty filters can cause air conditioner does not cool

Indoor fan dirty

just talking about the filters and you have to keep clean for our air conditioning works perfectly, this is something that anyone can do without much trouble and really is the few things we must do to keep our air conditioning equipment, however other although much less common problem is the accumulation of dirt on the fan (wheel) of the indoor unit, this problem usually occurs much more virulence in the only cold and less units heat pump units, it is also more common in factories or places where sprays are used as lacquers or paints as these help fixing dirt, this cleaning is an easy way to flesh an air conditioner that does not cool if you forgot do, since it can be your problem if your air cools slightly.

Inside or outside exchanger dirty

If we talked about the importance of maintaining clean filters in our air conditioning for proper operation, equally or more important is keep clean exchangers, it is as its name indicates where the exchange of heat or cold is produced and is a critical part of our air conditioning, all the air conditioning units window, splits or ducts have two exchangers, one inside (indoor heat exchanger) and one outside (external exchanger) although units window air conditioner can not seem to find the two together in the same unit.

The exchanger of the indoor unit is just behind the air filters and these are responsible for avoiding getting dirty easily, is one of the most important reasons that keep these filters clean to prevent that dirt can pass exchanger and plug can dirtying or cleaning since these components is quite laborious and expensive, clean the filters regularly will help greatly exchangers remain in good condition.

A very dirty interior exchanger make the same effect as a very dirty filter will lower the gas pressure, lower power consumption and can lead to freezing the indoor unit, which in turn generate us that the air conditioning cool slightly.

On other hand, the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit will be responsible for "eject" heat outside and if it is dirty prevent can produce that heat discharge, this in turn produce the unit go up pressure increasing she consumption, noise and forcing the operation of the machine even to stop the highpressure unit if it is extremely dirty and therefore a gradual loss of performance and the air conditioningnot cool enough or ventilation.

To clean these exchangers canused very carefully softbristled brush avoiding any bend the aluminum sheets that form, since the air must pass between them,is advisable in any case do when stopped.

Starting capacitors

The starting capacitor is responsible for giving the necessary current to the motors of our air conditioners so they can start, usually these teams have 3 engines, the outdoor fan motor, the indoor fan motor and compressor 2 or 3 capacitors.

Currently the airconditioning inverter come with builtin complex electronic boards capacitors, so it is impossiblereplace these capacitors without having to replaceentire electronic board, but fixed drives or inverter this component if usually separately in the outdoor unit although the indoor unit both.

What evidence we have to think that the condenser does not work?

We can think of a capacitor, either the fan or compressor when running everything but the fan or compressor and this we can see quite easily, for it light the unit in cold and high temperature, to ensure fault machine will start and go to the outdoor unit, once there just need to wait about 3 minutes as many machines have start delay, I spent that time may be several things:

Start only fan, this we can see that the fan will spin but not hear the noise of the compressor, which is usually more severe and deep noise, in this case the indoor unit not pull anything cold and therefore our air conditioner does not cool just vent, if we notice that our climate is quite possible that the capacitor fails, another option would be to fail the compressor or the electronic board.

Boot single compressor, this is easier to see because hear a noise and not see "move" anything if you think that the fault can be the condenser fan, the fan itself and the printed circuit board or any component of the same (as a relay) symptoms in the indoor unit will get the machine to throw some cold but gradually stop throwing cold as the outdoor unit can not "remove" heat.
Notstart anything here several things can happen, the capacitor can fail and that this is common for the compressor and the fan (is very rare that share) or other component fails to handle the two engines. In this casethe indoor unit does not cool anything.
Outdoor fan blocked

As with the failure start capacitor outdoor fan, another possibility there is to have the outdoor fan blocked by an object and not allow it to rotate thus preventing the machine can be detached from the heat being generated and therefore it is stopped by high gas pressure or discharge temperature of compressor too high, checks that the fan rotates correctly and ensure that there is nothing that interferes with this, there are occasions when birds reach fill a large part of the outdoor unit of sticks, herbs and branches to make a nest and this may hinder the fan turns.

In this fault if we can not see the outdoor unit and whether this is possible fault, if we look, we see that the air conditioning cools slightly and less as the minutes go by until time outdoor unit it will stop and this stop cooling to ventilate only.

Other possible failures because my air conditioner does not cool or not cool

These are some of the faults or reasons why an AC Unit not cooling but not the only, with the proliferation of air conditioners inverter many faults teams are related to the electronic boards doing quite difficult for someone who does not have necessary training to identify and fix the bug so it is always advisable to contact AC Repair Orlando to check and solve the problem 



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