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Air conditioning leaking water inside

Air conditioning leaking water inside may be cause for several reasons for example:

Improper installation

When the technician made the installation, he did not take good measures, so that the machine is somewhat uneven. For this reason water can puddle on the drain pan itself, so that instead of going down the drain begins to drip ahead.

How do we know that the air conditioning dripping for this reason? Really easy, because while leaving the installer will start pulling water from the front.

The solution to this problem is level the machine properly.

It can also occur when opening the hole into the street to pass the tubes not been given sufficient inclination for waterfall under its own weight, so it begins to fall inside.

Drain clogged

As the air conditioning strips the water of its own weight,is normal that over time, if we do not give it a good maintenance of our equipment, tray drain is usually filled with small dust particles and other materials, therefore it is very likely that a small plug of dirt is formed either on the tray itself or in the same pipe to the street. If this happens,is certain that the units starts to drip inside.

The best way to solve the problem is: First cleaning the drain pan and the tube leading to the outside.It i  recommended that you do a person with knowledge of the subject, as we run the risk of an accident. Note that the appliances run on electricity and we will get damaged with water.

To avoid this problem, you should clean the air conditioner filters regularly so that dirt does not reach the drain pan.

Bottle or outside bucketful

This may sound a little joke, but nothing further from reality. There are times we do not realize and drain pipe, which is on the street, almost touching the bottom of the bottle or bucket that you usually put for water. This entails that when start to fill, do the same water plug, so start throwing water inside. So it is advisable to cut the tube and leave just at the height of the container we use or be vigilant and empty once it is full.

Dirty filters

If the unit is plugged reach dirty or very dirty,is certain that our air conditioning dripping from the indoor unit is due to a dirty filter. This happens because by not passing the air through the exchanger will not steal the cold gas passing inside, so that produce a drop in pressure and temperature therein.

This means that a layer of ice will form and our air conditioning will freeze, and once begins to melt starts to drip inside. For this and many other reasons,is important to have clean filters.

Air conditioning leaking water inside

The technician who installed the equipment carried inside the tray drain the outdoor unit, this becomes blocked and starts to drip. This is very common, since the outdoor unit pulls only water in winter when we put heating. As mentioned, the outdoor unit only takes water in winter when used as a heat pump. This is because the cycle is reversed. In summer the waters pouting unit is the winter inside and outside.



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