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Home and commercial Air Conditioner Repair


Lack of gas

As almost everyone knows this is a cause of an air conditioner did not work. The lack of gas may be due to a leak in the refrigerant circuit, either because there was an error in installation or because it has opened a small pore or welding in a pipe due to vibrations or corrosion.

When your capacitors starter does not work either fan or compressor, we see that the indoor unit works properly but check cold.

When the starting capacitor fan is broken, this does not rotate (not work). If we go to the outdoor unit and the fan does not work, chances are that the capacitor is damaged.

It may also be due to failure or engine failure 

However when the capacitor compressor does not work we will see the outdoor fan run correctly, but the compressor is off, so that the indoor unit function correctly but not miss cold.

When the fan itself makes more noise than the compressor (this can result in silent machines like inverters) how to determine whether the compressor is running or not touching the pipes. If the pipes are at room temperature means that is not working.

When the air conditioner not cooled by dirty filters

when the filters are dirty a drop in gas pressure in the indoor unit because the air does not flow as should, therefore we note that the equipment cools more (even reaches occurs frozen) but no air conditioning or cooling our stay.

Also affected the electricity consumption of our team increased (consuming more energy), and even in high power equipment can get to stand because skip the pressure switch, which is neither more nor less than a security system when the pressure is too low or high.

This is due to not having done a good maintenance.

To clean the filters you can do it just with hands and a little soap, but you can also use a soft brush and hot water cells, this will make them more clean and disinfected.

If the previous step not done, that is not the filters are cleaned inside fan begins to accumulate small particles of dust and dirt.

This dirt is clogging the slits of the fan  causing the air flow is not correct and thus adversely affecting the operation of our air conditioning.

Another drawback, when the fan is dirty, is that bad odors occur when the computer is on, for this reason is extremely important that the filters are clean.

External exchanger dirty

In this case we have to go to the outdoor unit. When the exchanger is clogged or dirt begins to accumulate gas pressure begins to rise, thus affecting the operation.

When this happens we can see inside the home air conditioner does not cool well or start out air at room temperature.

To avoid this is advisable clean the exchanger at least once a year or whenever the computer switched operation mode (cooling to heating and vice versa) in the changing seasons.

To clean you can use a brush or brush, and even a water pistol pressure.

Extremely hot weather

in the operation of air conditioning, if you look, the outdoor machine blows hot air. This hot air is due to subcooling is produced. To help you understand: The machine needs steel heat to refrigerant (gas).

When the outside temperature is too high can not occur the subcooling, as the ambient temperature is higher, or substantially equal, to which "generates" machine, so can not sub-cooled. This machine will lock for high pressure condensation and stop.

This problem usually occurs in terraces or zones where heat is excessive, or because the machine is stuck in some kind of metallic drawer and ventilation is good. To solve this problem we have to try lower the outside temperature.

This can be accomplishedinstalling a "parakeets" expel water on the outdoor coil when the pressure starts to rise (is also necessaryinstall a pressure switch) so that when the refrigerant pressure starts rising overtemperature pressostat order and budgerigars begin to pour water on the outside heat exchanger, thus lowering the temperature of condensation.

Yet another option istake home water condensate and this fall on the exchanger, althoughis notgood choice in most cases since the indoor unit needs a few minutes to generate such water.

These are the most common causesan air conditioner does not cool, at least from my experience. Then there are many more causes, although they are less frequent. Failure electronic board, broken compressor problems expansion valve, etc ...

Howeveris always advisablecontact a professional for an opinion firstwhat happens to our air conditioning and NEVER manipulate without knowledge unit, since they can damage our physical integrity.

Indoor or outdoor fan stopped,does not work

This may be due to several problems.

As we have seen above, the capacitor may be in poor condition, preventing the fan to move or do it with tripsquite difficult.
Perhaps one of the fan blades have been broken (both inside and outside). First it affects the balance, causing vibrations and affecting the smooth operation of the team, so itnot cool or heat well.
The fan motor may be damaged. In this caseobserve that it does not move at all, and may even jump in auto electrical panel. It should be replaced.
Maybe the fan is just stuck because an animal has crept into the team.
For indoor fan, the causes of malfunctions are the same as those detailed in this section.

Other problems that make the air conditioningnot working

air conditioner does not cool
something that people overlook and that is extremely important is setting the thermostat knob or equipment.

A high percentage of the time, most air conditioning problems are due simply to poor configuration of the remote control.

We must ensure that we put the team in theoperating mode, that is, if we are in summer to have it put into cold (or cool Snowflake).

It happens that we often confuse with the dehumidifier mode, which is a drop of water.

Once configured we need to have patience, because in most cases an air conditioning since we give the order to the control / thermostat until it begins to cool or heat, can take 3 to 10 minutes, it is advisablewait that period of time.

is always recommended that the installer we explain computer operation in all modes, so that we have a first contact with the unit and avoid possible headaches.

If younot sure operation you can always use the manual. Ifdo not have search the website of the brand and downloads.



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