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5 Steps to Clean Air after Cooking

I love cooking at my home, in Orlando, Florida. But many people do not enjoy this experience due to the fact that the odor remains afterwards. People who prefer to order food from a restaurant, usually are ones who either cannot cook or do not want to be bothered by the amount of cleaning that would be required after cooking, which includes cleaning the air. However, you do not have to worry about that problem if you know the necessary steps to deal with it. To discuss and educate our readers on such steps of cleaning the air after cooking, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of "5 Steps to Clean Air after Cooking”.

1. Let In Some Fresh Air: First of all open the sliding doors, the front door and a pair of windows. So that all the smoke and packed up air inside the house could be replaced by the fresh air. Moreover, it is always good to let some air inside the house when you live a city like Orlando, where the cool and soothing breeze is always in abundance in the winter time.

2. Proper Ventilation: Turn on all the exhaust fans that you have in your house so that the air inside would go out and you can get rid of the odor. Exhaust fans prove to be a great tool to handle this situation as they help out in getting rid of all the dust and air pollution inside the house.

3. Air Conditioning: In your thermostat or air conditioner control, put in “systems and fan OFF ON”. Keep these settings for about next 30 minutes. Also, if your air conditioner is broken then pre-summer is a great time to get it fixed. Air conditioner repair service in Orlando, Florida is much better than many other places.

4. After 30 Minutes: After this period of time set the Air Conditioner back in cool or desired temperature and the fan drive again. That will be all you would need to do and now the air inside your house would be spick and span, just spray around some air freshener.

5. All Set: Enjoy the new environment. Now that you are done cleaning go take a shower so that you would be ready to eat your delicious meal which you have cooked or at least we hope it would be delicious.

Air cleaning in the Kitchen
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