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5 Tips to Proper Air Conditioner Maintenance

One of the simplest but most important things in the proper maintenance of Air conditioning is change the filters. Here are some very important recommendations:

1. You should change the filter MONTHLY, so the filter looks clean, even if it looks clean, it is not, it is full of impurities and bacteria that can affect our health.

2. More than for care in the unit, is a health issue. We all know Florida has a very humid environment and it is the ideal environment for creating bacteria and microorganisms that generate many viruses and allergies.

3. Do not use filters that are sold for 3 o more months of use, They are more expensive and also may damage your Air Conditioner Unit.

4. We recommend filters and pleated in the specific size. They come very cheap in packs of 3 and you can find them at Home Depot

5. We do not recommend washable filters. They are never going to be good for more that one wash.The Carrier, Bryant, Payne, units have a filter with a particular size that only sells the distributor. We recommend buying 12 for the whole year.

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