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Tips to ensure that your A / C it is not making you sick

AC repair Orlando is a group of A/C experts that will bring you tips on how you can save money when it comes to your Air conditioner repairs in Orlando.

In middle of August, with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees in Orlando, air conditioning becomes the best ally to beat the heat. However, keep in mind some tips for its responsible use.

According to AC Repair Orlando, Air conditioners can be especially important for people with heart conditions who might have trouble breathing easily or lung disease, but without the care and maintenance, air conditioners also have the potential to cause health problems

Dryness and cold air can lower our defenses and cause the onset of colds. In general, there are three main factors for the use of air conditioners that can affect our health: excessive temperature difference between inside and outside, causing dryness in the environment and poor maintenance of appliances.

Norman Edelman, MD, a senior scientific adviser to the American Lung Association, maintains that if there is a big difference between a room with air conditioning and outside, going outside can cause dizziness and excessive sweating may occur due to that sudden change of temperature.

Dryness and cold air can lower our defenses and cause the onset of colds and even the development of infections, both viral and bacterial,well as headaches or migraines in patients with increased sensitivity. Asthmatics should be especially careful in this regard.

Furthermore, poor AC repair is the most common of legionella infection, a bacterium that causes pulmonary complications, fatigue, breathlessness and occasionally diarrhea or muscle aches. "Maintaining these devices is essential to avoid any respiratory problems, changing the filters when necessary or a review of the AC Unit" advises Dr. Luis Miguel Seijo, pulmonologist Clinic of the University of Navarra.

Repairing the AC equipment is essential in Orlando to avoid any kind of problems in our health, however, we should not blame our health problems in summer to use of air conditioning if we have taken the preventive measurements Studies in US show that people who had air conditioning in their homes were less prone to infection because avoided exposure to external pollutants by filtering air."

To be safe, it's best follow a few simple tips. For example, the ideal room temperature should be 77 degrees. Cleaning the filters is another key issue to avoid problems. Finally, we must prevent the air stream to hit us directly on the body, thus helping reduce the contact with allergens if the filters are dirty said AC Repair Orlando

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